Subquantal Ocean

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The Subquantal Ocean of Virtual Motion: Quantum Metaphysics

Iona Miller 11/2006 

Abstract:  Our place in cosmic history depends on the delicate interplay between the very big and the very small.  Chaos and complexity theory show us that patterns tend to reiterate and persist (like fractals) at all levels of observation: “As Above; So Below.”  There are a few competing theories for describing the subquantal nature of Reality in both quantum cosmology and quantum physics.  The field patterns of the finest organization of energy and  matter also affect the evolution of the cosmos.  The various models include a non-zero cosmological constant, quintessence, tracker fields, Bohm’s implicate order, and the varying-speed-of-light (VSL) theory.


Similar mechanisms also describe the mind/matter interface--the holistic organism--the holographic mindbody.  They describe how infinite pure potential becomes actualized as human consciousness--how the superposed quantum potentials collapse into a single tangible wavefunction--how mind becomes matter. Here again, there is competition for the process which describes the source or virtual groundstate of our consciousness.  Can the constant fluctuation of quantum foam perturb the orbits of electrons in our neurons and bootstrap macro-canges in consciousness states?  Strictly statistical and mechanical views of consciousness have failed to account for the richness of inner and outer human experience.


How are waves of possibility transduced into classical or macrocosmic forms?  The models presented include Stapp’s cations, Walker’s synaptic tunneling, Penrose’s quantum gravity, Marshall’s Bose-Einstein condensate, and Goertzel’s Ons algebra, and Hammeroff’s microtubules.




The internal structure of the universe is a virtuality, infolded virtual photons. Charge continually absorbs disordered virtual state energy from the subquantal oscillations of the virtual state vacuum, The quantum vacuum, the internally kinetic energy-field that characterizes the ground state of the universe, possibly furnishes the indicated ˜fifth field, the hidden variables of chaotic yet deterministic micromotion that bootstraps all energy/matter into existence. This plenum could transmit as-yet-unknown effects. This quantum foam, which Wheeler called superspace, consists of a pure massless charge-flux.

Subquantal virtual photons or SCALARS pop in and out of existence from subspace. The zitterbewegung of the vacuum “shakes out” a real, observable photon, so that the excitation abruptly decays by emission of a real, observable photon. The process iterates, so that observable photons are continually emitted, with no observable energy input but with the required energy input in virtual state form. ( bearden) infolded virtual photons

The very type of system represented by the source charge and its continuous production of negative entropy is an example of just such an asymmetrical electrical power system. It takes its input energy as disordered energy from the subquantal fluctuations of the vacuum, reorders to apply a negative entropy operation, breaking the “symmetry” of the virtual state vacuum itself. Then in accord with Leyton geometry, this generates a new symmetry at the next higher level: the observable state level where we encounter the usable EM fields and potentials and usable EM energy of the universe. (bearden)


The leading contender for such a field, vacuum fluctuation or quantum foam, was proposed by David Bohm. Turbulent motion in this highly excited, subquantal field leads to the emergence from virtuality into actuality of quantum entities which just as quickly dissolve back into the subquantal sea. This same ocean of virtual or metaphysical stuff has the property of containing, storing, and transmitting information about the nature of matter and even thought.


We argue, along with Laszlo that, “The conclusion to be derived from the considerations presented here is that the four-demnsional manifold Einstein described as spacetime is likely to be more than a geometrical abstraction. As the energetically superdense quantum vacuum, it may be a physically real field, limiting the velocity of light and other matter-particles and transmittingg a variety of effects, including, but not limited to, gravitation and electromangetism. We may well ask, then, whether the field would also transmit the kind of effects associated with psi.

Waves of this purely informational (scalar) force could create a potential gradient where quantal motion triggers scalar waves in the vacuum, and these propagate by alternately compressing and rarefying its virtual-particle gas. Scalars are neither light nor matter, but longitudinally propoagating fluctuations below the energy-threshold of particle pair-creation.This produces a self-generating cosmological feedback cycle which translates into interference patterns created by the motion of charged particles modifying the local topology of the vacuum. The modified vacuum field modifies in turn the motion of the particles, (Laszlo, 1993, 1994).


The quantum vaccum is a highly anomlous universal energy realm of pure potential. It is both the source and destination of all matter in the universe, and thus of any form of consciousness which may emerge through its autopoeitic process. The human brain, with its pronounced and constant state of chaos, could receive and amplify such signals, expressed both consciously and unconsciously in our biophsyical self and our ephemeral thoughts and intuitions.


Certain frequencies represent enhanced channels between subquantal (virtual) and spatial (observable) states.  and virtual particle charge flux. For proof that a charged vacuum is the seat of something in motion, see G.M. Graham and D.G. Lahoz  Bearden: "It means that the charge continuously absorbs statistical virtual energy from the seething active vacuum, coherently integrates that subquantal energy.

What's New with My Subject?

The Bardo Thodol said that in the Fifth Stage of the world's development, a stage not yet actualized, "Ether" will dawn in the consciousness of man.

An ether is a propagation medium. The bardo is the threshold between the formless and manifest, the virtual body and the “real” body. The template of life resides in the primordial ether, the fifth element. This Ether is correlated with spirit and relates to the change in consciousness from dense to subtle body, during the period between death and rebirth. This also applies to the ego death and rebirth of daily meditation. The all-pervading luminiferous ether is synonymous with consciousness.

The void is a plenum. Any momentary state of consciousness can be considered a bardo, as are our lacunae, our empty plces. Lacuna means a resonating gap that describes a space of missing or formless information. This liminal state lies between our past and future existences.  It provides us with the opportunity to experience reality, which is always present but obscured by the projections and confusions due to our previous unskillful actions.

This Bardo Thodol metaphysical statement about the ether conjures up woolly Theosophical abstractions and outmoded 19th century science theories of a universal medium. But new physics confirms this modified  “ether” theory of the DEEP FIELD, hyperspace. It is a revisioning of the nature of deep space itself as infinite energy and potentiality, absolute fullness that propagates all pattern and form.

Creative Physics is based in the negentropic potential. In plenum physics, this primordial creative field of Zero-Point Energy (ZPE) is the dynamic vacuum of scalar physics. It is a virtual condition, the vortices of space that carry the electromagnetic oscillations or vibrations. Light is basically information. We can learn to wrap our minds experientially around this quantum reality that we are not separate from the ongoing process of creation, even if an energetic field of information defies detection.

Scalar ether is being seriously reconsidered as the medium of electromagnetic and light waves. It is the dynamic basis of the subquantal and biophotonic energy body in integral medicine and healing. The subquantal realm of quantum physics is every bit as awe inspiring as any earthly landscape. Just imagine subspace as a luminous ocean of ceaseless virtual photon fluctuation, popping into and out of existence in every instant.

In this dynamic model there are no “things”, just energetic events. Light and sound (acoustic cymatics) modulate all matter. This “holoflux” includes the ultimately flowing nature of what is, and all possible forms. All the objects of our world are three-dimensional images formed of standing and moving waves by electromagnetic and nuclear processes. This is the guiding matrix for self-assembly, and manipulating and organizing physical reality. It is how our DNA creates and projects our psychophysical structure.

Our brains mathematically construct ‘concrete’ reality by interpreting frequencies from another dimension. This information realm of meaningful, patterned primary reality transcends time and space. Thus, the brain is an embedded hologram, interpreting a holographic universe.  Supernal light emerges from this ground of being.

All existence consists of embedded holograms within holograms, fractally embedded waves within waves of clear light.  Their interrelatedness somehow gives rise to our existence and sensory images. When we embody this intimate wisdom, our bodies become temples of the living spirit.

Absolute space is the womb of creation and the physics of virtual photon fluctuation reflects not only Nature, but also our nature.  Only now are we learning just how literal that experience of Light is, and the interactive mechanisms it engages in our holistic psychophysical Being.


Luminiferous Ether

Is this “process zero” of the Mother Luminosity what the Lamas see when they look deeply within in their meditations? Is what is true for subspace true for superspace? It is a fact of physics that at the subquantal level the fabric of reality and our bodies flicker in and out of existence each nanosecond at a phenomenal rate. In music theory, a lacuna is a contrasting period of no music, which acts like “negative music,” inducing a state of serenity, experiential silence.

All “things” arise from the vacuum potential, including the three great illusions of space, time and personality. This mystical realization means release from the triple prison of personal isolation and illusion. We are all simply connected: self, others and cosmos. Superspace is a virtual-state hierarchy of infinite contextual and potential fractal levels on a fine gradient from 3D into higher dimensions from which all creation manifests; and it is, of course, also zero-point energy.

Space is not empty, nor are the relatively vast empty places between our atoms in the body. Modern physics theories recognize space or the vacuum as a very active medium saturated with quantum energy fluctuations, which has been described as a turbulence of particles, miniblack and miniwhite holes, and a sea of bubbling foam.

The psychical attributes of "Ether" as conceived and defined by the Lamas are, in modern terms, precisely those of the Deep Unconscious, seamlessly welded psyche and matter. They believe, in fact, that what we call the Unconscious is a "transcendental" consciousness, an undeveloped higher than normal awareness, where imagination is reality.

The Heart Sutra says the Void is all forms and all forms are void. The formless field gives rise to itself. Both the vacuum and the psyche are expressions of the virtual plenum of ‘in-form-ation,’ the virtual photon flux.

The gist of the holographic paradigm is that there is a fundamental reality that is an invisible flux not comprised of parts, but an inseparable interconnectedness. The holographic paradigm is one of reciprocal enfolding and unfolding of patterns of information. All potential information about the universe is holographically encoded in the spectrum of frequency patterns constantly bombarding us.

In the quantum world, everything is in self-organizing flux, including the subquantal virtual photons popping in and out of existence. The foamy Zero Point fluctuation of subspace perturbs and determines the behavior of quantum systems theoretically through radiant EM fields. Radiation is absorbed from the zero-point background. The stability of matter itself is mediated by the zero point fluctuation phenomena.

Mindfulness and pure awareness is the active consciousness of the next stage of the world's development, which the Lamas estimated would begin in the twentieth century and flower in the twenty first. It is not passive absorption in the collective state, but empathic psychophysical engagement and participation. It is certainly more foresighted to prevent the onset of problems than to resort to supernatural heroics as a last resort.

The process of mind-expansion produces unusual byproducts and powers called siddhis. Seldom seen naturally, they are said to be "developed" by yogis and others as a result of spiritual training.  Siddhis include life extension, healing, ESP, telepathy, precognition, prophecy, time distortion, healing, pain anesthesia, psychic heat, clairvoyance, levitation, OOBE’s, psychokinesis, and autonomic control.

But the compassionate aspirant remains unattached to these potentially hazardous powers and egoic power traps, in general, continuing toward enlightenment, the Buddha fields of the ground state.

Ervin Lazslo says, “The interaction of our mind and consciousness with the quantum vacuum links us with other minds around us, as well as with the biosphere of the planet. It "opens" our mind to society, nature, and the universe. Mystics and sensitives, prophets and meta-physicians through the ages have known this openness.

Biophysicst and leading proponent of the theory of quantum coherence in living organization, Dr. Mae Wan Ho, postulates that, "a pure coherent state for the entire system would be a many-mode quantum electrodynamical field with a collective phase over all modes. It may be attainable only under very exceptional circumstances, as during an aesthetic or religious experience when the ‘pure duration’ of the here and now becomes completely delocalized in the realm of no-time and no-space.”