Quantum Bioholography

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A Review of the Field from 1973 - 2002

Richard Alan Miller, Iona Miller, and Burt Webb, ©2002
drram@magick.net; iona_m@yahoo.com, phoenix@eskimo.com
Organization for the Advancement of Knowledge, Grants Pass, Oregon


ABSTRACT: Complex information can be encoded in EM fields, as we all know from coding and decoding of television and radio signals. Even more complex information can be encoded in holographic images. DNA acts as a holographic projector of acoustic and EM information which contains the informational quintessence of the biohologram. Only 3% of human DNA encodes the physical body. The remaining 97% of the 3 billion base pair genome contains over a million genetic structures called transposons, that have the capacity to jump from one chromosomal location to another (Kelleher, 1999). We are 99.9% alike in our genetic legacy. Our individuality is expressed in three million small variations in our cells, called single nucleotide polymorphisms.

Gene-expression is the mechanism by which new patterns are called into being (Rossi, 2000). There is also a strong correlation between modulation of the brain’s EM field and consciousness (Persinger, 1987; McFadden, 2002). The Gariaev group has discovered a wave-based genome and DNA phantom effect which strongly supports the holographic concept of reality (Miller, Webb, Dickson, 1975). This main information channel of DNA is the same for both photons and radio waves. Superposed coherent waves of different types in the cells interact to form diffraction patterns, firstly in the acoustic domain, secondly in the electromagnetic domain -- a quantum hologram -- a translation process between acoustical and optical holograms.

Creative, novel and enriching psychotherapeutic experiences can lead to neurogenesis, gene expression, and healing which facilitate mindbody communication and can have a long-term transformative effect on the whole person (Rossi, 2002). Thus, bioholography has relevant applications for optimizing health, well-being and even self-realization. It is relevant in biophysics, medicine, psychobiology, psychotherapy and the holistic healing arts. It provides us with a more genetically integrated model of the complex dynamics of the mindbody -- one arising in the domain underlying the standard genetic code triplet model.

Keywords: DNA, DNA phantom, wave biocomputer, genome, wave-based genome, quantum holography, bioholography, organismic evolution, vacuum substructure, biophysics, psychobiology, gene expression, psychotherapeutic applications.



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Hypothesis: The organization of any biological system is established by a complex electrodynamic field which is, in part, determined by its atomic physiochemical components. This field, in turn, determines the behavior and orientation of these components. This dynamic is mediated through wave-based genomes wherein DNA functions as the holographic projector of the psychophysical system - a quantum biohologram.