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"I do not know what I may appear to the world; but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me." ~Isaac Newton (1642-1727) In Brewster, Memoirs of Newton (1855), vol II, Ch. 27





Empty and Manifest Luminosity


The groundstate of our being is a psionically-charged FIERCE LUMINOSITY, the vast roiling ocean of the Dirac Sea.  The vacuum and its emanations are becoming the central ingredients of 21st century physics.  It is time to make “much ado about nothing,” or certainly that mysterious threshold or mystic veil where “nothing” becomes “something.”  All atoms, including those of our bodies, are 99.999% space.


The dense energy potential of the vacuum plays a key role in structuring the Universe and describing how energy moves from a free to a bound state via the dynamic structure of the vacuum.  It contains randomly fluctuating electromagnetic fields with an infinite zero-point energy. That potential can be chaotic and amorphous or coherent.


There are organized structures present in the vacuum. The void isn’t empty.  It is just empty of physical matter. Science calls it the bare vacuum and the physical vacuum.  Although this vacuum does not transmit sound, it does transmit light and all other wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum.  It is transparent to elementary particles.


Without the sustaining virtual ground of the vacuum we live in an entropic environment inexorably moving toward heat death.  This notion affects our relationship to self, others and universe at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Negentropy (or syntropy), negative entropy, offers a more positive viewpoint on existence.


Tremendous negentropic potentials are enfolded in the disassembled holographic frequency domain of spacetime. Negentropy, the informational counterforce to thermal decay, is more fundamental than energy. It also measures the complexity of a physical structure in which quantities of energy are invested.  The vacuum may also be the source of the repulsive force of dark energy which drives the ballooning outward of the whole universe at an accelerating pace.


Time energy is transduced into dynamic spatial energy as cosmic jitter (ZPE; zitterbewegung), cosmic acceleration, and mass. The engine of the universe runs by consuming the negentropy of highly compressed spacetime. So do we. We don’t feed on energy, but on negentropy.


Both mysticism and science describe it in their different vocabularies. Science itself appears somewhat mystical when we realize that we don’t really know the nature of spacetime, gravity, light, electricity, magnetism, energy and mass (and antimatter) or the origin of our universe, but we have sometimes cherished beliefs about how they behave.  Older scientists are loath to give up their notions, since their careers are invested along those lines.


There is no consensus in quantum physics about the deep nature of reality, much less quantum cosmology, and this has given rise to many schools of thought.  But are scientists actually discovreing new things or creating them?  Some contend the laws of thermodynamics are incomplete. Others create mathematical ideas with elegant solutions that may or may not match our actual Reality.


Controversial notions about the nature of fields and forces arise here, such as the Big Bang, inflation, gravity, black holes, the nature of the cosmological constant, the speed of light, the shape of the universe, virtual particles, and exotica such as dark matter, and dark energy, among others.  Each poorly understood theory claims to explain some nuances while seemingly ignoring other incongruities. 


The Nature of the Vacuum


There are two theories that describe the behaviour and characteristics of the physical vacuum and the ZPE at the atomic or sub-atomic level, the quantum vacuum field:


QED: The quantum electro-dynamic (QED) model. At the atomic level, the QED model proposes that, because of the high inherent energy density within the vacuum, some of this energy can be temporarily converted to mass.  The QED model maintains that the zero-point energy reveals its existence through the effects of sub-atomic virtual particles.  ZPE permits short-lived particle/antiparticle pairs to form and almost immediately annihilate each other.. These particle/antiparticle pairs are called virtual particles.


According to this QED model, an atomic particle such as a proton or electron, even when entirely alone in a vacuum at absolute zero, is continually emitting and absorbing these virtual particles from the vacuum…a virtual particle cloud.  the absorption and emission of these virtual particles also causes the electron's "jitter motion" in a vacuum at absolute zero. As such, this jittering, or Zitterbewegung, as it is officially called, constitutes evidence for the existence of virtual particles and the ZPE of the vacuum.


There is a cloud of virtual particles around the "bare" electron interacting with it. When a full quantum increase in the vacuum energy density occurs, the strength of the charge increases. With a higher charge for the "point-like entity" of the electron, it would be expected that the size of the particle cloud would increase because of stronger vacuum polarisation and a more energetic Zitterbewegung


SED: The somewhat more recent stochastic electro-dynamic SED approach affirms that the ZPE exists as electromagnetic fields or waves whose effects explain the observed phenomena equally well.  In the SED approach, the vacuum at the atomic or sub-atomic level may be considered to be inherently comprised of a turbulent sea of randomly fluctuating electro-magnetic fields or waves.

These waves exist at all wavelengths and are homogeneous and isotropic at the macro-lvevel, which means they have the same properties uniformly in every direction throughout the whole cosmos.  In the SED explanation, the Zitterbewegung is accounted for by the random fluctuations of the ZPF, or waves, as they impact upon the electron and jiggle it around.

Because light waves are an electro-magnetic phenomenon, their motion through space is affected by the electric and magnetic properties of the vacuum, namely the permittivity and permeability.


The Quest for the Holy Grail


The Copenhagen Interpretation (CI) is the standard model of quantum physics because of its ability to make predictions from a real-world experimental basis.  In this theory, light is both a particle and a wave and so is everything else. Uncertainty rules supreme since we cannot simultaneously calculate both position and velocity of subatomic operators, but only probabilities. 


Other coherent yet flawed theories have been less successful in this and other regards, some being entirely nontestable.  All agree that light is a primary manifestation of the engine of the cosmos. Meanwhile, subatomic factors with many strange properties have proliferated into the “particle zoo.”


Still, the search for undiscovered particles or energies that could point toward unification continues.  Many attempts have been made to fit all observations into one ‘container’ that describes everything from the macro- to the microcosmic, down into the virtualities of subspace.  Abstract models, flawed inventions or approximations are not physical explanations.  Clarity remains elusive and many alternative and idiosyncratic theories have arisen. Theories are often patched up with unnecessary complications.


In the 1960s, Buckminster Fuller proposed a geometric philosophy based on nature he called Synergetics.  His notions of tensegrity have applications in classical and quantum physics, as well as biophysics.  He described the geometrical properties of Cosmic Zero through his model based on the Vector Equilibrium Matrix.


The ‘80s ushered in the era of chaos theory, complexity, dynamics and self-organization, which may ultimately play into the final solutions. Every theory is based in certain fundamental assumptions and postulates about how nature works.  They may be coherent within themselves, but not among themselves, which are often mutually exclusive.


Leading contenders in New Physics include the following: Bohm created a holographic concept, Deutsch a variation on Many Worlds (MWI), and Cramer a Transactional Interpretation (TI).  Sarfatti has proposed a postquantum backaction theory. Pitkanin describes a TGY physics based on world sheets. Masreliez suggests a Scale Expanding Cosmos (SEC), with a uniform scale invariant expansion for the whole spacetime manifold of the universe.


Greene is the main proponent of String Theory.  It has lots of popular appeal but many theoretical inconsistencies, including a proliferation of dimensions and multiple solutions. Since it makes no testable predictions, it is accused of being more of a philosophy than a science.Witten unified the five solutions of strings in M-Theory. Nefediev uses QCD (quantum chromodynamics) to describe properties of the vacuum and propagation of quarks and mesonic states in two- and four-dimensional models.


A great deal of interest has been generated lately in the potential for extracting zero-point energy from the vacuum potential, as originally described by Nikola Tesla and Dirac. Bearden has been its principle promoter, seeking technological applications rooted in hyperspace and Quantum Field Theory (QFT). 


Astrophysicist, Nikolai Kozyrev wrote a dynamic vacuum theory – an aether theory -- in the 1950s.  Harramein-Rauscher (2005) produced a Unified Theory based on differing relative vacuum densities. Tiller has proposed a theory of the vacuum for intentionality, subtle energies and psycho-energetic phenomena. He describes it as a way for more spirit to enter dense matter.


Comings and Miller (2005) have also proposed the void is a plenum in the Creative Physics model.  The nature of embodiment is light. Another viable model of the Bivacuum comes from Kaivarainen.  A scalar is a vector characterized by magnitude and time.  Scalar waves (virtual particle flux wave) in the virtual state massless charge flux (vacuum), do not breach the quantum level to become observable, yet they are real.  They are oscillations of the stress energy tensor of the vacuum.
In the vacuum state everything is disintegrated, but highly dynamic.  The vacuum is not an emptiness FILLED with massless charge, rather, it IS identically massless charge (disintegrated dynamicism).  It is a plenum, not an emptiness.  It is also pure, undifferentiated action.
A curious thing has happened along the way to a Theory of Everything, which is that physics has often taken a more and more mystical attitude in its descriptors of what remains essentially a great Mystery.  This mystery is compounded when we attempt to apply physics theories to biological organisms, including ourselves – the realm of biophysics.


Into the Mystic


In modern life, many are seeking meaning in both a deeper physical and spiritual understanding. Mystics of all religions have probed the deep nature of reality for millennia by looking within themselves.  They have found many reflections of the universe and the Void within.  All that is universal is contained in our human essence for we are not separate from that.


Certain ancient and modern spiritual technologies are said to confer extraordinarily longer lifespans on their practitioners. Certain yogis, lamas and masters appear far younger than their chronological age. They attribute these youthful qualities to their meditation practice.


The alchemists, students of consciousness in matter, sought an elixir of life, a “medicine of philosophers”, a cure-all or panacea.  What the modern world yearns for is a “meta-syn,” or contemporary visionary synthesis rooted not in a mechanistic model but one using nature’s own forms of self-organization.  This unified field theory is the Holy Grail of physics.


Most meditation schools include a worldview or map of consciousness among their teachings.  They speak of domains beyond time and space and link it to an eternal realm and profound illumination. They describe theories of creation and our creation in metaphorical language and teach a way to penetrate our own depths into the finer essence of Reality with its underlying sacred Source. The Heart Sutra, for example, insists that all form is inherent in the void, and the void is the root of all form.


“Aether” means “shine” in Greek. The fundamental reality of such an unseen, fluidlike source of universal energy is the hallmark of the world’s secret mystery schools.  Greek philosophers Pythagoras and Plato discussed it at length, as do the Vedic scriptures of ancient India, calling it “prana” and “Akasha.”


In Asia, it is called “chi” or “ki,” or “mana,” with special emphasis placed on its interactions with the human body in martial arts and acupuncture. Adepts of this tradition learn to manipulate energy to allegedly create miraculous events, such as levitation, teleportation, manifestation, instant healing, telepathy and other spiritual powers.  Initiates have stressed the need to “raise your vibrations” for thousands of years.


Currently, energy medicine emphasizes holistic self-care of the energy body – the body electric -- for health and healing. New treatments for the EM fields of the body with low intensity lasers and other forms of light and sound are multiplying. Our bodies are essentially “frozen light” as is everything else. This light is transduced from the vacuum by the holographic blueprint of our DNA which acts as a cymatic projector employing biophotonic light and sound to read and manifest our genetic code. (Gariaev; Miller)


Buckminster Fuller spoke in quasi-mystical tones rhapsodizing about his sublime geometries, which bear a suspicious resemblance to zero-point.  Jitterbugging Vector Equilibrium Matrix is not a structure but a system, the prime nucleated system.  Vector Equilibrium makes it possible to make conceptual models of 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensional omniexperience by using tetrahedroning. Equilibrium between + and - is Zero.  V.E. is the true zero reference of the energetic mathematics.  It is cosmic zero.

Zero pulsation in the V.E. is a metaphorm of eternity and God: the zero-phase of conceptual integrity inherent in the + and – asymmetries.  V.E. is important because all the nuclear tendencies to implosion and explosion are reversible and are always in exact balance.  V.E. is the anywhere, anywhen, eternally regenerative, event inceptioning and evolutionary accomodation and never seen in any physical experience.

This metaphorm (V.E.) represents the self's initial real-I-zation both inwardly and outwardly from the beginning of being "betweeness"; maximum inbetweeness.  Push/pull; convergence/divergence; gravity/radiation. 

At zero-point, waves can pass through waves without interfering with other waves.  Vectoral phase or zone of neutral resonance occurs between outwardly pushing wave propogation and inwardly pulling gravitational coherence.  Emptiness at the Center: all 4 planes of all 8 tetrahedra are congruent in the four visible planes passing through a common V.E. center, the cosmic terminal condition and nature's most economical lines of energy travel.

The dynamic activity connected with the drive to know, to penetrate, to illumine, culminates in a stillness, silence, cessation of all effort which itself dissolves in the tranquility of total negation. 0 = 2.  It is only by virtue of the fact that it is Naught.  All form and power are latent in the Void. Haramein and Rauscher (2005) have employed this cuboctahdron to model all of creation.

What's New with My Subject?

The Crown of Creation


Masters warn us not to confuse the finer planes of luminous spiritual being with the physical domain of physics, even quantum mechanics. Still, some parallels can be drawn with conceptual or theoretical benefits for deepening our conceptual and experiential understanding.  There is a virtual replica (VR) of all matter, including living organisms, in the vacuum. Resonance and oscillation is accompanied by modulation of virtual particle/antiparticle pressure waves.


We come from, are sustained by and are returning to the light of our mass, radiant energy.  It is the mass-free, force-free form that energy takes in space before its interaction with mass creates force. The most we can say about our so-called physical existence is that we are standing wavefronts in spacetime. To truly live from that place is to identify ultimately with a superluminal massless body of light, the Diamond Body. That is the true nature of the vehicle of our consciousness, our essence.


Virtual particles are the unseen energetic medium, the dynamic energy matrix of the Universe, riddled with virtual pressure waves. Bidirectional EM wavepairs are the hidden scalar potential. These infolded electrodynamics describe subspace or higher dimensions, depending on how you model it mathematically.


Kozyrev described spinning or twisting “torsion fields” and/or “torsion waves” as the spiraling flow of “time energy.  Lt. Col. Tom Bearden, calls them “scalar waves.”  Their spiraling nature is simply an impulse of momentum that travels through the medium of the aether/ZPE/physical vacuum, without electromagnetic qualities.


Torsion fields, like gravity or electromagnetism, are capable of moving from one place to another in the Universe at “superluminal” speeds, meaning that they far exceed the speed of light. An impulse that moves directly through the “fabric of space-time”, travels at super-luminal velocities and is separate from gravity or electromagnetism, is a significant breakthrough in physics – one that demands that a “physical vacuum”, “zero-point energy” or “aether” must really exist.


Once we establish that all force fields such as gravity and electromagnetism are simply different forms of aether/ZPE in motion, then we have an active source for gravity and a straightforward reason for why it would exist. We see that every molecule in the entire body of a planet must be sustained by an ongoing in-flow of aetheric energy. The same energy that is creating the Earth is also creating and flowing into us. 


Our bodies cannot travel through solid matter, but the current of aetheric energy certainly can – and this is one of the many things that Keely, Tesla, Kozyrev and others demonstrated. A star or planet must continually draw energy from its environment in order to “stay alive.” Kozyrev had made very similar conclusions about our Sun back in the 1950s, concluding that stars acted as “machines that convert the flow of time into heat and light.” (Wilcock)


The active vacuum is active spacetime. The vacuum potential is the pervasive source of all matter/energy or “massergy,” rooted in the cosmic acceleration.  Its first observable manifestion is photonic and biophotonic Light.  A photon is composed of both spatial and time-energy, even though it is massless. The vacuum potential is raw, untranslated spacetime. Massergy (dynamic structure) is rooted in the unfolding time-charged potential of electromagnetic fields.


The pure vacuum potential, without its zero-point fluctuations decomposes into a harmonic set of bidirectional longitudinal EM phase conjugate wave pairs. Thus EM energy flows between the imaginary plane of time domain and manifest 3-space when the four-fold symmetry is broken with any dipolarity or potential, such as logitudinal or scalar (time) polarization of the photon.


Instantaneous Tempic Potential


In a continuous creation, the center of the universe is everywhere and it is a seething cauldron of potential. Everything, every thing,  manifests from the temporal interaction with the local nonlinear vacuum of spacetime. The interaction of time and negative time extracts massergy from the limitless ocean of roiling subspace. It manifests the temporal potential of force and form in each and every instant at each and every point of being and our being and becoming.


Zero-Point expert, Thomas Bearden describes time as “spatial EM energy compactified by the speed of light squared.”  Time, therefore, has the same energy density as mass, but in the unobservable time domain, rather than the observable 3-space domain.  Time embodies persistence itself – duration.


The “frozen snapshots” of observable physics have excluded or merely implied this dimensionality of time by invoking memory. But since time is energetic, it has a energy density and potential force, which can be tapped. Empty space is highly energetic.  Nikola Tesla stated in 1891 that the aether “behaves as a fluid to solid bodies, and as a solid to light and heat,” and that under “sufficiently high voltage and frequency,” it could be accessed, implying free-energy and anti-gravity technologies.


The flow of mass, and our own mass, through time is generated by the ubiquitous interaction of photons with the mass. This is so for both virtual and observable photons. Mass moves through time by integrating virtual photons, and absorption/emission of observable photons/biophotons. The internal dynamic flow of time has infolded sublevels and engines that pump up the quantum field effects to breech the mystic threshold of observability.


What Time Is It?


Scalar EM wave vibrations occur in the time domain only. This longitudinal EM wave is called a “scalar” photon in QM, so long as it remains in subspace or hyperspace.  The nonobservable scalar photon is the main operator of Quantum Field Theory (QFT). The combination of the scalar and longtudinal photon is observable as the instantaneous scalar potential. It reveals the threshold of manifestation – unfolding spacetime.


When massergy enters 3-space, it becomes entropic, while the negentropic potential remains unmanifest as its sustaining force. When negentropy manifests, it’s entropy crosses the mystic veil into nonobservability. The generative signal wave is always negentropic, instantaneously reordering previously scattered energy without requiring input energy. Emergent continuous creation.


Time moves forward (retarded wave) as our perceptions verify, but reversed-time advanced waves are enfolded in the energy-density of compactified spacetime.  This dual wave system, namely concentric, divergent and retarded on the one hand, convergent, and advanced on the other hand ensure that data circulates both ways. The advanced wave brings information in from the entire universe. The retarded wave conveys information outward.


In Cramer’s Transactional Interpretation of QM, a standing wave in spacetime is set up by a superposition of advanced and retarded waves, equivalent to the Copenhagen ``collapse of the state vector''. This backward reaching handshake of the future to the past completes the transaction.  The quantum measurement process happens ”when” the transaction is finished.  This happens over a spacetime interval; not a time of collapse, only to an interval of collapse (consistent with relativity).  Signals (t and –t) are sent from the future to the past by quantum particles.


Time-polarized EM waves accompany all logitudinal EM waves. Pumping a living organism with longitudinal EM waves also pumps it with time-polarized EM waves, adding a positive time-charge which persists once the longitudinal EM wave radiation is removed.


SpaceTime Reversal


Reversed time is virtual or imaginary time.  The relevant order of events is more important than the direction of time itself  Things happen within intervals of time.  Without massergy, there is no spacetime in this universe.  Mass energy and spacetime emerge simultaneously.  Continuity follows because there is no physical instant or progression of time, only uncertain intervals, as wave/particle duality hints.


In his Scale Expanding Cosmos model, Masreliez postulates that the universe is constantly and incrementally changing scale, but the increase is imperceptible because the change in space metrics is accompanied by a corresponding change in the metric of time.  For those who inhabit the universe, things remain the same.


Everything expands at the same pace. The universe expands by changing the scale of both space and time.  When space expands, the pace of time slows down. This four dimensional scale expansion is the impellor of time and probably perturbs space. Kaivarainin states, “The pace of time for any closed system is determined by pace of kinetic energy change of this system. The time oscillation (temporal field) is shown to be related in coherent way to oscillation of electromagnetic and gravitational fields.”


Bearden states, “the resident spacetime curvature engine in the mass if amplified and phase conjugaged, forms a precise, amplified antiengine which then slowly time-reverses the mass back to a previous physical condition and state.” However, he cautions that, “time reversing a single object or single group of objects is not the same as scifi “travel into the past.”  For that, the entire universe and everything in it – except the traveller – would have to be time-reversed.


Still, “time-reversal of a single thing such as a particle or wave – or even a group of things such as a group of particles or waves – is not only feasible but is readily achievable,” in a zone (TRZ) where interactions with antiphotons predominate. Vacuum pumps and vacuum engines can be identified in nature.


Ordinary electrons are in a positive energy condition, so the vacuum of spacetime is a vast ocean of negative electronic energy conditions for electrons to sink into and essentially ‘disappear’. If positive energy is added to the vacuum, electrons may also be lifted from the Dirac sea, creating a flow from the nonlinear vacuum.


Let's Do the Spacetime Warp Again


Andrei Linde of Stanford has suggested the expanding fractal universe generates emergent information that could be poetically considered an evolving universal intelligence.  If so, it is an emergent property of spacetime as is every thing.  But seemingly-separate things are a construction of our minds [maya, illusion], an overlay of what is essentially one unbroken movement – a dynamic verb, not a group of nouns.


The largest component of our corporeal existence is the vacuous space between the atoms that make up our physical bodies which are far from solid in the quantum perspective.  We are undergird and literally in-formed by that pervasive infnite informational flow. 


Could this be the ancient Greek’s “universal harmonious wisdom” resonating as human consciousness?  If so, are we listening to its integrative message? …in terms of our paradigms, our technology, our ecology, our ethics?  The bottom line is that tapping this soulful source, both through aesthetic and technological means may be the key to our survival as a species.


Buckminster Fuller had his own notions of the morphing dynamics of energy/matter in the womb of spacetime.  Fuller re-discovered nature’s own pulsating flux and means of self-assembly.  He lamented that classical science is based on Cartesian coordinates and the structurally incoherent cube, rather than nature’s tetrahedral forms and structural tensegrity.  He taught us that energy has shape…and that shape emerges from the vacuum potential.  As the Heart Sutra implies, all form is inherent in the void. The prime pre-geometrical form is the Vector Equilibrium Matrix and its pulsative transforms.


Spacetime for scientific philosopher Fuller meant: “526.01 There is no universal space or static space in Universe. The word space is conceptually meaningless except in reference to intervals between high-frequency events momentarily "constellar" in specific local systems. There is no shape of Universe. There is only omnidirectional, nonconceptual ‘out’ and the specifically directioned, conceptual ‘in.’ We have time relationships but not static-space relationships.”


The Nature of Nothing


The vacuum is filled with virtual photons whose motion constitutes the “zero-point energy”.  This “cosmic zero” may be related to consciousness in some as-yet-unknown way.  ZPE fluctuates because this fundamental domain is not smooth but consists of virtual particles boiling into and evaporating out of existence.  But where did all these photons in the vacuum originate from?  They originated on all the other particles throughout the universe.


All the charged particles in the cosmos are doing the same jitterbug dance that causes electrons to radiate and absorb photons like crazy.  Zero-point energy is made up of photons created by all those electrons in distant stars.  Virtual photons in space are created by the motions of other electrons, mainly by “distant matter,”  Each zigzag of a local electron is actually a communication between it and distant matter (Swanson).


The local forces of physics have their origin in the distant matter of space.  This amount of matter increases as the square of the distance away.  There are enough electrons in cosmos to create the vacuum energy we measure, and to absorb all the photons produced by local particles.  We are connected to the distant matter and forces that arise from this connection.


The distant matter of the universe can be displaced or disturbed in different patterns, called “modes.”  They resemble the vibrational modes of a bell when it vibrates after it is struck.  These fundamental vibrational modes can be excited and can resonate.  These modes have symmetry and can interact with geometric shapes.


It is possible for every local, nearby electron (or any other particle) to interact with the distant matter virtually instantaneously.  Radiation can travel backward in time as well as forwards.  Photons which travel backwards in time are called “advanced waves.”  Photons which travel forward in time are called “retarded waves.”


As we look further away in space, we are also looking backward through time into deep time.  Feynman-Wheeler suggested as electrons zig zag, they create photons which radiate away traveling forward in time.  Later, it is absorbed by electrons in the distant matter which accelerate and in turn radiate a photon which travels backward in time [actually spacetime], converging back at the original electron’s location almost simultaneously with the first photon’s radiation.


Instant coupling, the concept of photons traveling backward in time equally balanced by those going forward in time, is deeply embedded in contemporary physics.  When electrons point toward one another, their velocities create an interaction over huge distances that is narrow and intense.  They push one another backwards at near the speed of light. 


Mutual interaction leads to a finite exchange of energy and momentum in the form of a very sharply spiked photon, a photon “pulse”  It is these photons that make up the “zero-point energy” of space.  The coupled photons produce a very, sharp, short pulse or spike of electromagnetic energy at the smallest unit of energy exchange.  Every interaction between electrons consists of one or more photon pulses.


At the Planck scale, space-time structure of the universe begins to break up.  Smaller scales than this make inertia and position meaningless.  Synchronizing the phases of the photon pulse combines them into “wave trains” or “quantum wave packets”, actually made up of many photon pulses from elementary exchanges between electrons.


Interestingly, this means the electrons are communicating both forward and backward in time, much like in the quantum handshake of Cramer’s transactional model of QM, Bohm’s pilot wave, or Sarfatti’s post-quantum backaction.  They send and receive signals across the universe virtually instantly. 

Each quantum photon consists of many photon pulses, which are collectively the ZPE of the vacuum of space (Swanson).  Electrons can synchronize together in a collective effect and undergo a “phase transition.”  Random motions are then superimposed on synchronized motions and collective oscillation occurs, which is a long range temporal order.


Quantum Jitterbug (Zitterbewegung)


Each particle sees itself in the center, surrounded by distant matter.  The central electron only sees an electron out at the edge when their velocities line up and this only occurs when they are “in sync.”  The key is when their periodic motions remain in step with each other.  In this “phase locking” all electrons in the coupled system orbit around their average position at the same frequency.  This is the womb of quantum mechanics, but we don’t see the inner workings, just the “fuzzy ball” of probability on the outside.


The phase conditions for stable orbits [Higgs’ Phase] will only be right at certain spots.  The places at which stable orbits can occur will form a regular array resembling  “crystal structure” at very small scales in space, so electrons actually “jump” from one such point to another.  Frequency has a very definite physical meaning.  It is the rate at which the electrons (or any particles) orbit their center of mass location.   


Electrons are either in phase and able to see and interact with each other, or out of phase and therefore effectively invisible and unable to exert force on one another.  Unsynchronized particles appear as “quantum noise.”  Other nearby parallel dimensions normally only interact with ours through quantum noise.  However, consciousness appears to interact across these parallel dimensions.


Coherence between parallel realities can be thought of as hyperdimensional structure which crosses dimensions.  It is nonphysical yet has physical manifestations.  Higher dimensional structures can be designed which, by their shape and topology, are stable.  Such forms may be a possible model for consciousness and the soul.  The hypercube and Vector Equilibrium are hyperdimensional structures that relate directly to the sacred geometries of all mystical traditions (i.e., Merkabah; Cube of Space).


The key is to understand what makes up these higher dimensional geometrical structures.  The answer is phase variation in spacetime.  Normal space is “in phase” from point to point at this deep level, but it experiences small departures from the common resonant phase of all particles.  These departures can become systematic.  When mapped in spacetime they can form three-dimensional and higher dimensional geometric structures.  These “phase structures” can cross several parallel universes, and become the physical basis for “subtle energy” and paranormal phenomena.


Electromagnetic waves are a collection of synchronized photons of different frequency and amplitude.  Radiation is constantly pouring in and flowing out, balancing on average.  The electron goes forward and backward in a seemingly random pattern in space and time, in order to balance all the radiation coming in and flowing out.


This balanced radiation pattern is analogous to the interference pattern of a hologram.  A 3-D pattern of energy created by regions of interference is what we see as an image.  There is creative and destructive interference.  An electron and every particle is a “hologram,” produced as the result of the actions of the electron to preserve the balance of energy (Miller et al, 1973). 


To be more than ethereal like a technologically produced hologram, it must have mass created by including the photons traveling backwards in time from the future.  This is a 4-Dimensional hologram, which is an integral aspect of every particle and real physical object.  If we want to manipulate the particle, electron or whatever, all we need to do is manipulate its 4-D hologram.